1971 Guild F-30

The one and only owner of this road-worn beauty had played the honky-tonks of Southern California for years until retiring in Texas. After departing to that Great-Green-Room-In-The-Sky, his not-musical heirs decided it needed to be in the hands of another dedicated player. Spruce top...mahogany back & sides...under-saddle transducer...original tuning machines replaced with Grovers. Comes with polyfoam case. $1250


1971 Guild F-30 Cont’d


3/4 upright bass

Like new! Purchased as a scratch-n-dent factory second (minor cosmetic issues). It features a high quality laminated body, maple neck, ebony fingerboard, ebony tailpiece, and very good quality tuning machines. Comes with stand (bow and gig bag available)

A bargain at $1199!


Danelectro Bass

Made in Korea, RARE COLOR! Set-up, ready-to-play!

$499 with hardshell case!


Custom build (maker unknown)

Exceptional woodcraft! Beautiful flame maple neck! Bird's-eye maple top & back veneer! Maple pickup rings! Rayzor TVHP pickups! "Les Paul" sound and feel!

Only $499 with gig bag!


Custom build (above)

Here’s a close up look at the Bird’s-eye maple. Beautiful!


Silver Creek SC-T170

000/OM size! Solid spruce top! Rosewood back and sides! Frets leveled, crowned, and polished! K&K Pure Mini pickup! Hardshell case! WOW!



G&L ASAT mod

How do you improve on the Telecaster? If you're Leo Fender, you invent the ASAT! How do you improve on the ASAT? Let Little D mod the thing! G&L ASAT Tribute with Legacy neck (12" radius! Matching headstock!)...ASAT Special pickup @ neck, ASAT mfd @ bridge!...4-way switch (bridge-parallel-neck-series)!...Body and neck are New Old Stock (like new, never played..until now)!

$499 with gig bag!


Epiphone Zephyr Regent

Very good condition (nary a scratch)! A smooth-playing beauty...ready to jam! Comes with hardshell case!



Cordoba 55R

Cordoba 55R classical guitar (2006) - Solid spruce top! Solid rosewood back and sides! Minor scratches and abrasions.

$449 with polyfoam case!


Vintage TrueTone

TrueTone archtop electric - neck-mount humbucker with volume control, soft V neck, authentic 1970's set list on back

TrueTone $399 with gig bag


Rogue Double-Neck

Double-neck guitar (7-string/ 6-string) with hardshell case...and guitar stand!

Only $399!


Sigma GCS-6

Early 70's Sigma GCS-6 (Grand Concert or OM size). Early model...made in Japan (by Martin). Frets leveled, crowned, and polished...new bone saddle...upgraded with Grover tuning machines...K&K Pure Mini transducer pickup! Good used condition...better than it ever was!

only $399 (hardshell case available at extra cost)


Vintage P'mico mandolin

Late 1920's! Solid spruce top...mahogany sides and back. Plays great...delightful!

$399 with hardshell case!


Vintage P'mico mandolin cont’d

Great shape for it’s age!

G&L ASAT Classic

G&L ASAT Classic (Tribute) - How do you improve on the Telecaster? If you're Leo Fender, you redesign it! BOOM! Super-tele! Fabulous condition!

$349 with gig bag!


Strobel 4/4 cello

2006 Strobel 4/4 cello with bow, rosin, endpin stop, and gigbag! Ready-to-play!

Only $349!


McSpadden mountain dulcimer

Made in Mountain View, Arkansas, USA! The "Cadillac" of dulcimers! Spruce top, walnut neck, sides, and back! Comes with case including frettin' stick & a selection of plectrums!



DeArmond Spielman bass

Slim "J"-style neck! "P"-style split-pickups! Frets leveled! Gumby's favorite!

$299 with gig bag


Epiphone Les Paul

Road-worn "Black Beauty"! Scratches, abrasions, worn gold plating...new bridge!...level frets! Ready to R-O-C-K!

Only $269 with gig bag!


Starfire acoustic-electric bass

Starfire acoustic-electric 5-string fretless bass

Suh-moooth player! Fretless! Flat-wound strings! $269


Student Prince Tele

Ugly duckling? Yep! Chunky Student Prince neck (made in Italy by Eko)! Dense, heavy he-man string-through Tele body with Strat wiring! This duck doesn't just quack....it SINGS!

Only $269 with gig bag!


Student Prince Tele Cont’d

Nashville Tele? Nope! Denton Tele!


Epiphone Les Paul Studio

Road-worn?...road-ready! Ready to rock! Only

$199 with gig bag!


Vintage Concertone

Concertone open-back Irish tenor banjo - Natural-skin head! circa 1920's!



Hohner classical guitar

Made in Germany 1979 - Sweet little player!




Active pickups! Mid-range control! Sunburst quilted maple top!

$150 out-the-door!


Jackson "Strat"

Plays great! Great beginner guitar! Great back-up guitar!

$150 out-the-door!